Form a Women’s Flag Football Team!

Teams Needed!

Are you interested in forming a Women’s Flag Football team in your city? The Billings Lady Montana Fierce would love to help! Email us at and we will answer any questions to help get you started!

What are the rules for Women's Flag Football?

Women’s Flag Football is played much like regular 11-person tackle football – minus the tackling!  The official rules are adopted from AAU.

Some highlights include:

  • A ball carrier is down when one of their two flags is pulled.
  • A fumbled ball results in a dead ball.
  • No rushing the kicker or punter.
  • Runners may not “stiff-arm” or guard their flags.
  • Play is physical! Blocking is allowed and both sides of the ball have linemen (errr, linewomen).
Can I join a team?

Yes! There are currently teams in Billings and Miles City. Email us or message us on Facebook and we will send you practice information. All abilities are welcome. All body types are needed!
If you are interested in forming a team, please do so! We can help you get started.

Is there a cost?

Registration with AAU provides insurance is usually under $50 per player

What equipment do I need?

Mouth guards are highly recommended and available at any sporting goods stores.

Some women choose to wear cleats – football, soccer, or other plastic cleats. But cleats are not required and you can wear regular athletic shoes.

How many games do you play?

As many as possible! If you form a team, please get in touch with us and we can arrange a schedule.

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