Women’s Flag Football

The Lady Montana Fierce Football is a team of dedicated female athletes ages 20-50 lead by volunteer coaches.

Between being moms, professionals in their fields, volunteers in the community, and the occasional roller derby or softball player, the Lady Montana Fierce practice regularly in preparation for each competition.

Family is at the center of the team often involving their children in practice helping with drills and scrimmaging.

Can I join the team?

Yes! Email us or message us on Facebook and we will send you practice information. All abilities are welcome. All body types are needed!

Is there a cost?

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the cost to play is minimal. Registration with AAU (for insurance purposes) is usually under $50 per player

What equipment do I need?

Mouth guards are highly recommended and available at any sporting goods stores.

Some women choose to wear cleats – football, soccer, or other plastic cleats. But cleats are not required and you can wear regular athletic shoes.

When is practice?

We practice every Sunday, plus once during the weekday. Practices are held at Rocky Mountain College, just west of the soccer field.

Practices start 6-8 weeks before each game.

How many games do you play?

As of 2023, we only play two times per year; once in Billings in the Spring and once in Miles City in the Fall.

We hope to play more frequently if other teams form across the region.


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